I Am - the Artist's Story

Toastmasters International is a volunteer organization committed to developing public speaking and leadership.  One of the first speeches a Toastmaster delivers is the Icebreaker.   An Icebreaker challenges the presenter to share the most important aspects of herself with the members of the group.  One of the most interesting Icebreaker speeches I heard came from a spoken word artist.   I believe it was titled "I Am."  However, it told what she was not.  She was not her job, her friends, her desires, or her dreams.  Instead she simply declared, "I am an evolving spirit".
I too am an evolving spirit.  God is continually molding and shaping me into his instrument of purpose. I became a Florida A & M University business student to discover my talents and interests.   He placed me in the seat of a retail banking assistant manager so I could witness capitalism at its best and worst.  I wed to understand how to follow while supporting.  He made me a mother to show me how to guide and nurture. He used the teaching profession to teach me to listen, plan, act, and react to the needs of others.
Spirit ordained creativity has guided me through each stage of the evolution. My creative spirit pushed me out of the box of tradition into the world of "what if".  Creativity forced me to look at the world through a multi-colored lens while others only saw black and white.    When I suppressed creativity I became stagnant.  
So who am I?   
I am creativity that is evolving. 
I am creativity tempered by experience. 
I am creativity with flexibility to conform. 
I am creativity with warmth to welcome difference. 
I am creativity used by God to reach His people.

Experiential Education, After School Projects, & Exhibits

Peace Percolators Exhibit - The Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois
Stop the Violence Traveling Quilts Exhibit - Chicago, Illinois
A Tribute to the Harlem Renaissance Art Activities - Murray Language Academy, Chicago, Illinois
Battle of the Books - Chicago, Illinois
City Government in Chicago Bookmark Project - Chicago, Illinois
Computer Animation with ALICE After School Program - Auburn, Alabama
Celebrating 50 Years at Cary Woods Elementary Student Video Project - Auburn, Alabama
Living History Museum - Auburn, Alabama
MSNBC Winter Olympics Video Project - Auburn, Alabama

Education and Credentials
Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education
Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration
Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, Florida

State of Illinois Standard Certificate Elementary Teaching  Grades K-9

State of Alabama Class A Certificate Elementary Grades K-6
Professional Affliations

Mosaic Apprentice - Tarkington School Project, Songhay Studios Group, LLC - Chicago, Illinois
Member, Studio Art Quilt Associates
Member, Professional Art Quilt Alliance - Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Member, Needles and Thread Quilting Guild - Chicago, Illinois
Member, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

 Experience with Young People
4th Grade Teacher, Woodlawn Community School
Chicago Public Schools - Chicago, Illinois

6th Grade Math Teacher, Drake Middle School
Auburn City Schools - Auburn, Alabama 

Technology Coach & Instructor, Cary Woods Elementary School
Auburn City Schools - Auburn, Alabama

3rd Grade Teacher, Cary Woods Elementary School
Auburn City Schools - Auburn, Alabama

4th & 5th Grade Teacher, Yarbrough Elementary School
Auburn City Schools - Auburn, Alabama