Sew Me! After School Workshop

Come hang with the Sew Me gang and show the world you are SO YOU! Grab a needle, thread, and felt to create a unique bag for all your sewing supplies.  Next you'll paint on fabric and add some stitches to create unique Me Patches.  Finally, you'll put it all together with some jazzy objects that scream "This is Me"!  

10 Week Workshop (1 hour per week)
3rd - 5th grade students (6 - 10 students per workshop)

Workshop at a Glance

Week 1: Run, Back & Whip
Learning basic stitches and sewing safety

Week 2: Color Mystery
The importance of color in designing works of art

Week 3: It's Mine
Recreate symbolic contour drawings using felt and thread to describe you

Week 4: Putting It Together
Joining layers of felt to create a bag for storing your supplies

2 Styles of Bags to Choose From!  We'll Choose as a Group.

Style 1: 2 Handle Pouch (You create your own design!)
Style 2: 1 Handle Portfolio ( You create your own design!)

Week 5: Button Up!
Attaching buttons and found objects to felt

Week 6: Mini Pictures - Part 1
Sketch representational drawings about yourself
Sketches aren't perfect.

Week 7: Mini Pictures - Part 2
Recreate representational drawings on cloth using fabric paints
Painting on fabric makes sketches come alive!

Week 8: Me Patches
Layer painted fabric with felt to create organic shaped patches
Can you guess the meaning of this  Me Patch?

Week 9: Us Patches & Jazzing It Up!
Join your Me Patches and create a special work of art with our group

Each Sew Me art piece tells a unique story.

A matchbook with a story
A precious duo
A dream for the future
A special purpose
Week 10:  Showing Off!
Participate in an artist critique and present our special work of art to your school

Note:  Instructor reserves the option to change the schedule and activities in order to meet students' needs.

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