Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is Art?

The Awakening,  J. Seward Johnson, Jr (1980)

Art is the awakening of the unconscious. Outstanding art pricks the soul.  It moves the mind beyond its current state of being.  It transports to another time, space, and dimension.  Art inspires emotion.  The Art Institute of Chicago Museum, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Joffrey Ballet are change agents challenging people's perceptions.  This is the purpose of art.
Education becomes art when it awakens the mind to new possibilities.  Visual and performing arts are essential for education.  Education without art leads to an abyss of rote memorization and inconsequential facts.  Art is the expression of learning.  It is perception turned into reality.  Arts in education connect learning with emotion.  An outstanding educator knows education is a process engaging the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical being.  An outstanding educator does not isolate the arts from reading, math, science, and social studies.  An education that embraces the arts is holistic, inclusive, and relevant. Art is education and education is art.


  1. it look good cousin keep up the art for all to see

  2. Chanda Roberts WhiteAugust 21, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    What a wonderful introduction to art appreciation education.

  3. That's what I'm talking about. We need some school board leaders to consider this. I'll have to Tweet you up, now.