Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Voice is dynamic.  It questions. It answers. It reveals hidden emotions. It demands recognition. Art is the voice of the artist. The work of a visual artist speaks in the absence of its creator. Visual art continually tells a story.  But the story forever changes. As an emerging artist, I'm discovering my voice.  What is my story?  What is my truth?

Finding my voice is a process.  It's filled with challenges and opportunities.  I'm challenged to reflect on my beliefs and my life's journey.  I'm challenged to push beyond my present reality into my possibility.  I'm challenged to discover and interact with other artists.  But these challenges lead to transforming opportunities.

Voices, 2011, Ramona Lindsey
My latest piece is called Voices. I challenged myself to work beyond the standard two-dimensional quilt. After discovering the fabric sculptures of Carolyn Crump, I realized my voice could not be confined to 2-dimensions. Following Ms. Crump's inspiration, I created several mini-quilts that I attached like a collage to a foundational piece to create depth.   The mini-quilts were stitched together by hand. I machine pieced and stitched the foundational quilt.

Voices began as my tribute to the young people in my community who are often voiceless and misrepresented.  Young people continue to be strong, energetic, and resilient even when times seem dark and hopeless.  The vibrantly colored mouths represent these youthful voices proclaiming their identity.  Their voices spring forward despite the hopelessness contained in the larger, more mature mouth. 

As I continued to work on Voices,  I uncovered a piece of myself.   I too want my voice to be heard above the hopelessness of voices in our community afraid of change.  My desire is to challenge the expected and attempt the impossible with a vibrant sense of urgency.  I am strength under-girded by faith.  I am electric with the energy to drive change.  I am forever through the lives I touch and the salvation I've received. Voices is about identity. 

What does your voice reveal about your identity?  How are you discovering your voice?

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