Monday, December 5, 2011

Mind Control

After completing  “Do You Hear What I Hear” (2011), I realized that every man of faith is accompanied by a woman of the same character.   Mind Control represents her.   This third piece in the "Profiles in Courage" Series, shows science’s ability to explain some things and its limitation to fathom others.
Science has proven sound travels in waves of varying frequencies.   Humans detect sound waves with their ears.  Receptors in the ear carry the waves to the brain.  The brain interprets the information from the ear and lets  us know what we are hearing.   Scientist have used MRI technology to study the brain’s reaction to different types of sounds.   The technology allows scientists to see which areas of the brain are most excited by the sound stimulus.  I believe emotion is measured through our level of excitement.  If you’re really emotional the MRI will reveal higher levels of brain activity. But an MRI cannot reveal human thought.

If an MRI could read the thoughts of a woman of faith after receiving bad news, it would reveal something peculiar.    After hearing pronouncements of foreclosure, unemployment, and slow economy, her thought revealing MRI would see faith, hope, and opportunity.  How do I know?   Because I’ve experienced it.   I know my actions and spoken my words.  When the world marinated on seemingly impossible situations, I've hung on to possibilities.  I've turned pronouncements of doom into a new beginning while all the time relying on the power of my great big God.  A mind controlled by faith makes the impossible possible.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this series--thanks for turning comments on without forcing a link to someone else! You seem to be an amazing artist and your pieces inspire deep thoughts even without the additional info from the blog posts. Thanks and keep up the great work!