Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Built On Nothing Less

I am a woman of faith.  My strength alone is incapable of handling the challenges  of life.  I depend on my beliefs as a Christian to stand confidently and walk assuredly through difficulties.  Built on Nothing Less is the first piece in the “Profiles of Courage” Series.

The human face is intriguing.  A lifetime of stories are hidden within its contours. The eyes are the window to the soul.  Unfortunately in our fast paced, high tech lives we neglect opportunities to look at each other face to face.  Instead, we glance upon profiles of heads bowed to electronic devices.  A person's profile provides limited insight into her psyche.  When you only have access to her profile, you must depend on other clues to determine what is going on within her.   "Profiles  in Courage" examines these clues. 
Built on Nothing Less is the story of a mother totally submitting to a higher power to handle the concerns of her heart and mind.  Hidden within her flowing locks are the images of a broken community.  Written on her mind are her concerns about joblessness, crime, and foreclosures.  But she is undergirded by a warm, all encompassing energy.  Her head and eyes are lifted toward the source of this energy.   Her hands are folded in submission as she appeals for the deliverance of her family and community, because she knows with faith, hope, and love comes peace.  Her future is built on nothing less than this.

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