Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducing Profiles in Courage Series

The beginning of the twenty-first century  brought with it many challenges.  The evolution of technology during this time period led to many societal changes.   Our world became smaller with increased access to information.  People began to relate to each other through machines rather than face-to-face.   Centuries old education practices were forced to evolve to meet the high demands of a world with greater access to information.  World economies shifted.   Many people lost jobs.  "Profiles in Courage" explores how a person approaches and handles the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The human face is intriguing.  A lifetime of stories are hidden within its contours. The eyes are the window to the soul.  Unfortunately in our fast paced, high tech lives we neglect opportunities to look at each other face to face.  Instead, we glance upon profiles of heads bowed to electronic devices.  A person's profile provides limited insight into her psyche.  When you only have access to her profile, you must depend on other clues to determine what is going on within her.   "Profiles  in Courage" examines these clues.

Often a person's surroundings  provide clues to understanding her state of mind.  At other times, the surroundings will lead you to incorrect  conclusions.   The pieces in this series rely on the background just as heavily as the foreground to tell the story.  Color and shape also play an important role.  Movement is essential.   "Profiles in Courage" exemplifies the human spirit's determination to overcome. Over the next few weeks, this blog will present each piece in the "Profiles in Courage" series.

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  1. I found your blog through a link somewhere, but your work is capturing my imagination. Can't wait to see this new series. Thanks for sharing.