Monday, February 27, 2012

Abundance (2012)

Abundance (2012) - Ramona Dallum Lindsey, Artist
A down turned economy is like a drought in a once fertile land.   The plants and animals that most quickly adjust to their changed environment survive.  Those who don’t perish.  However, there are some natural creations that position themselves to thrive regardless of environmental conditions.

Take for instance a seed planted near the bank of a vibrant stream where the soil isn’t too rock. The soil’s fertilized by the droppings of the animals who visit daily for a cool drink. The sunlight which warms the stream also provides energy for the seed.  When the seed sprouts its roots become anchored deep beneath the stream.  The seed develops into a sapling. 

Over time it matures into a mighty oak.  Strong branches support a lush, emerald canopy shading the stream.  It learns to sway with strong winds constantly anchored by the stream’s rich soil and nourishment. During a season of consistent rain the stream is fed. The water supply is abundant.  In periods of drought the stream is diminished, but its moisture continues to seep into the soil.  The roots planted beneath the stream absorb the soils moisture.  While trees further from the stream whither and wilt, the mighty oak continues to thrive.

People who properly position themselves will do more than survive in tough times.   Some people position themselves through education, training, and networking.  These are external resources that  are often dependent on environmental conditions.  Their reliability may become questionable in the most challenging conditions. Others look inward and upward for proper positioning.  They depend on spirituality, faith, and belief. 
Abundance is the fourth tree in the Trees of Life Series.  It reminds each of us to position ourselves before the tough times so we can thrive in both times of plenty and famine.  It shows us how to be like the biblical person in Jeremiah 17:7-8 who's faith is like a tree planted by a riverbank who is not bothered or worried by months of drought, but continues to produce lush, healthy fruit.  Abundance is the first tree in the series to incorporate wrapped wool fibers and hand crotchet techniques.  It is the smallest of the four trees in the series, but showcases the most intricate details.

Abundance can be seen and purchased at Gallery D'estee on March 2nd and 3rd at the Parkway Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois.  Visit Gallery D'estee 2012: Art InTENsified for more information.

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