Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wisdom Tree

 Wisdom Tree (2011) - Ramona Dallum Lindsey, Artist
The Wisdom Tree is the first in the Trees of Life Series.  It was created with the assistance of Carolyn Crump, a noted textile artist living in Houston, Texas who is well versed in 3D textile sculpture.  She helped me bring my creative vision to life by showing me the basics of 3D construction. She also introduced me to methods of incorporating acrylic paints and water color pencils into my work.  These elements showing up consistently in my work.

The Wisdom Tree is a metaphor for life.  It is a visual representation of the various stages in the life of an individual. The journey starts at the tree's base.  At some point in life each person feels insignificant.  She is a small creature in a large world struggling to find her way. She spends her time climbing over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  The caterpillars on the rocks symbolize this stage in life's journey.

As a person grows, she realizes knowledge is key for success.  Once knowledge is found, a person must feed from knowledge and apply it.  Applied knowledge becomes wisdom.  The wrinkles and frown lines in an older person's face are a badge of honor testifying to the experiences shaping wisdom.  The tree represents wisdom.  Her face is a badge of honor. Her roots are firmly rooted in a strong foundation.  She doesn't horde her wisdom, but freely shares it with anyone needing to feed from it. 

The ultimate goal of life's journey is the discovery of purpose. Feeding from wisdom gives someone the energy to transform from insignificance to importance. The butterflies represent this transformation.  Once the transformation is complete the butterflies must fly to share their beauty with the world. Each person must follow the butterflies example.  Sharing your individual purpose with the world signifies the completion of an important stage in life's journey.

The Wisdom Tree has been shown at several Chicagoland venues.  These included Fine Art of Fiber (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL), A.R.I.S.E Small Business Expo (House Hope, Chicago, IL), and The Peace Concert Series (Soka Gakkai International Cultural Center, Chicago, IL).   It will also be on display and available for purchase at the Gallery D'estee sponsored by the Chicago Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and State Farm.  The show is scheduled for  March 2nd (6pm - 8pm) and March 3rd (2pm - 8pm) at the Parkway Ballroom (4455 S. King Dr., Chicago, IL).  Gallery D'estee admission is free.

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